Elpis I

  • Supplementary Course "European Legal Practice"
  • Study Period: 1.5 Years
  • Degree Certificate: Certificatum Legum Europae (CLE)
  • Course Requirements: Foundational Studies in Law

Elpis II

  • Postgraduate Course "European Legal Practice"
  • Study Period: 2 Years
  • Degree: European Legal Practice LL.M. Joint Degree
  • Course Requirements: Bachelor of Laws



The program ELPIS I „European Legal Practice“, founded in 1985, is the eldest and biggest of its sort within the Science of Law in Europe. The Faculty of Law of the Leibniz Universität Hannover is associated with 34 Partners from EU- und EFTA states. The German translation of the Greek word ‚Ελπίς‘ (=hope) can be seen as clearly programmatical in this European context.
Subject of the program is the exchange of students and teachers within the framework of Erasmus/Sokrates. Furthermore, ELPIS is an own, integrated postgraduate course of studies with the recognized and legally ensured degree of a Magister Legum Europae (MLE) for undergraduate students. The course of studies conveys, in addition to the regular study of Law Science, skills of Law in various European law systems as well as European and Comparative Law. The program prepares therefore for a cross-border juridical professional practice. Flyer ELPIS I

In 2004 the ELPIS I MLE-Program was combined with some important aspects oft he postgraduate program ELPIS II. In the same year, the Erasmus Mundus Program was applied for successfully at the EU. It is a two year-postgraduate course of studies which leads to the Master degree „LL.M.“ (Joint Degree) and is a postgraduate pendant to the sterling ELPIS I program (MLE) mentioned above.
For said LL.M-course of studies a consortium of currently three faculties of Law was established: Leibniz Universität Hannover, Université de Rouen, Universidade de Lisboa, which award students a Joint Degree „European Legal Practice“ LL.M. Furthermore, there is a possibility of absolving a one semester abroad stay at the following Faculties of Law of the program: Mykolas Romeris University Vilnius, Symbiosis International University Pune (India) and Uniplac University Brasilia (Brazil). The program is chiefly addressed to international applicants who come from an extraeuropean university and have the wish to study at two of the consortium universities. Furthermore, the program is addressed to European applicants, who also want to study at two foreign consortium universities. Flyer ELPIS II